The Home Lab – Introduction

As a virtualization-centric blog, I have to do my required postings about my home lab equipment.  If you are studying for any of your certifications in either VMware or Microsoft, or do much technical support at all, you will eventually start working with virtualization in one form or another.  Once you start using virtualization, you really hate to be without it!

Most home lab hardware comes in three varieties, Host based virtualization running on your desktop or laptop, home built White Box servers, or used Enterprise grade server hardware.  Because I have a very understanding wife, I have all three levels of home lab hardware and I will go over each of them in an upcoming series of posts. 

Of course, there are still issues with having your own home lab, such as:

  • Operating noise levels
  • Electricity usage
  • Overall cash outlay
  • Space / clutter

All of these can be addressed with careful planning and patient shopping.  If you are flush with cash, you can spring for the latest and greatest hardware.  If not, you can assemble serviceable equipment from slightly older parts that are still more than adequate for learning on!

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